SOLACIDE (FI) “Fall From Eternity” CD


Release date: 24.09.2021

A work of scything aggression and cosmic atmosphere alike, Fall From Eternity recasts Solacide in a strictly black metal context, but one that betrays a wealth of imagination and nuance. Epic and arching, dynamic as well as daring, Fall From Eternity conveys a vast landscape of dread visions and liberated emotions, of modernity and the archaic, resulting in a timeless work that’s undeniably Solacide’s best to date.

For this new album, Solacide’s lineup consisted of Iiro Juntunen on vocals; Kimmo Korhonen on guitars, keyboards, and vocals; Henri Sinokki on bass and keyboards; and Matti Jauhola on drums. After the album was finished, Henri switched from bass to guitar, and Sami Heinonen joined Solacide as bass-player.

It’s been a long time coming, but the best things come to those who wait. With Fall From Eternity, Solacide can now stand tall alongside such celebrated countrymen as Enochian Crescent and Ajattara as well as Negura Bunget, Winterfylleth, Khors, Cainan Dawn, and Sweden’s Skogen further afield.


1. Fall From Eternity [6:22]
2. Forsaken By Gods [6:41]
3. Oblivion [3:07]
4. Far Beyond Reality [5:49]
5. The Coldest Night [6:03]
6. Spirit Hibernation [0:56]
7. Away From Light [10:14]

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