SARKOM “Bestial Supremacy” CD


SARKOM’s second album from 2008 is more “back to basic” with a classical Black Metal approach. Stripped down to the bone with ice cold riffs, groove and killer vocals, Bestial Supremacy belongs in any black metal fan’s collection! No trigging or experimental in any way, just straight forward in the vein of old DARTHRONE and GORGOROTH, yet still with a clear sound and good production. Sold out for years – now available again with a bonustrack!


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1. Inferior Bleeding
2. I Call Your Name
3. Bestial Supremacy
4. Infected
5. Parallel to a Wall of Fire
6. Symbolic Revulsion
7. Artificial
8. Revival of Torment
9. Crushing the Retrospective Dominions
10. Finalizing Sovereignty
11. Alpha-Omega (Live)

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