Pyreficativm”Shin the Serpent Tongue” digiCD


It recounts a strong argument focused directly through the clandestine passages of black sorcery and primitivism, the art of malignancy in its own right towards a mystical Drakonian pilgrimage.
Each one of the sonical articulations is subject to hysterical and ethereal expression by undulating orchestrations and a multitudinous composition surrounded by layers of echoes reflected in the sinister art and mysteria of an apotheosic rupture.
Conceptually “Shin-The Serpent Tongue” was created with the guideline of the “Azazelic Cacophony” beyond the serpent’s skin, the immaculate spirit of Siva’s destructive ornamentation and the vibrant sound of a musical appendix titled “Shin-The Serpent Tongue” recorded in 2018 and reissued this year by zazen sounds.

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