IC REX “Tulen Jumalat” CD


IC REX’S highly anticipated fourth album, “Tulen Jumalat”

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IC REX’S highly anticipated fourth album, “Tulen Jumalat”.

Jewelcase CD with a 24-pages booklet.

Translating to “Gods Of Fire” in English, Tulen Jumalat is the long-awaited comeback album of this occult black metal juggernaut. Orbiting around vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Artifex IC. Its swirling, bewitching gnosis fully embraces the Luciferian archetype IC Rex has approached in the past, but this time brimming with the divine intellectual fire that can only spring forth from studious years of fine-tuning and self-reflection.

Forged in the chambers of Blackvox Studio, Tulen Jumalat also explodes from the speakers with a clarity yet heard from this entity, all whilst emitting the arcane elegance for which IC Rex has been known the past decade. Altogether, Tulen Jumalat is that promised Great Work of the Ages and the full manifestation of transformation and renewal.

Tracklisting for IC Rex’s “Tulen Jumalat”:
1. Intro
2. Ilmarinen
3. Melek-Taus
4. Heimdallr
5. Lucifer
6. Prometheus
7. Agni
8. Ikuinen Musta Liekki.

Listen “Ilmarinen” here:



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