HYMNR “Far Beyond Insanity” Blue LP, Limited Edition


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On April 23rd internationally, SATURNAL RECORDS is proud to present HYMNR’s highly anticipated debut album, Far Beyond Insanity, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

HYMNR is an entity, a formation that created itself. The music, the story, the concept of HYMNR is its own tale of the tragic path that has led the world, humanity, and religion down this downwards spiral that this cosmic plane has become.

HYMNR is a conceptual formation, anguishing forth these old tales of how it all ended up here.

What HYMNR is, no one can tell, but the individual mind of the ones who are willing to take this journey. It needs to be felt, heard, and seen…

SATURNAL RECORDS wholeheartedly encourages the intrepid to embark upon the journey that is Far Beyond Sanity. Indeed can it be felt, heard, and especially seen, within the spirit and across the subconscious: HMYNR is spectral black metal vibrance beaming with unimaginable might. How Far Beyond Sanity will you go?

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