HOATH “Codex III: Crown Of The Mind” CD


2nd full-length of this blackened death metal entity, long anticipated since Codex II: Kether.

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2nd full-length of this blackened death metal entity, long anticipated since Codex II: Kether.

A blackened death metal juggernaut, Hoath emerged from the darkness during the summer of 2002, spawned forth a demo titled Codex I: I.R.E. a year later and remained in the shadows until Finnish underground label Hammer Of Hate proposed to release an album, which came out in 2004 as Codex II: K.E.T.H.E.R. Then as it is now, the persons involved are not important within Hoath: the lineup has been shifting from one being to another all the time, as boundless as the wisdom within. For the past decade, Hoath was remained dormant, yet it was finally time to unleash the full energies concealed in this entity and prepare for the imminent. A pact was signed with Saturnal Records for the upcoming full-length, Codex III: Crown Of The Mind, and preparations have begun to bring your sons and daughters to the slaughter on arenas of blood all over the crumbling world.

The goals of Hoath are to create raw and thundering music without the typical “fuck Christ/legions of Hell” type of lyrical approach. The lyrics of Hoath are both ritualistic chants, quotes, and direct guidelines to life under stern principles – the code of life and belief, their strength and wisdom – for the musical content of Hoath has a lot more to offer than just pure aggression. In the band’s view, there was no reason to create music solely as listenable fancy, but rather as a medium to express and spread their beliefs. Hoath is a call to wake the dormant soul of true man, to rid one from the chains of modern moralistic views. They stir the waters to wake the storms!

Finally, after 13 years from the debut album, Hoath’s long-ripened second full-length will arrive bearing the title Codex III: Crown Of The Mind. That title and also its ominous cover art paint a portrait of its contents: a restlessly gestating, all-consuming nethervoid of ancient energies and even-more-ancient dirt, disturbed from its eternal slumber by billowing winds of black-death supremacy. It is the iron fist in the face of complacency and dormancy, from scene veterans who’ve patiently waited to reap the whirlwind. Bear witness to who wears the Crown of the Mind and bow before it!

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