Death/Thrash Metal from Kadiköy, Turkey!

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Saturnal Records is proud to present HELLSODOMY’s highly anticipated second album, Morbid Cult.

A study in patience and perseverance, HELLSODOMY formed in 2011. It would be three more years until their first recording arrived, the Masochistic Molestation demo in 2014, but indeed did it begin the HELLSODOMY story with a nuclear-powered bang. Then, a year later did the Sodomy is Nigh EP arrive via the now-sadly-defunct Barbarian Wrath, and a stronger statement of their bestial, blackthrashing aesthetic. In 2016 came the band’s debut album, Chaostorm, which was aptly titled: retaining the rawness of their earlier work with a more finessed expression of such, this first full-length put the name HELLSODOMY on many people’s tongues. More than that, perhaps, it displayed that there was a thriving extreme metal scene in their native Turkey.

Now, with three seemingly quiet years passing, HELLSODOMY are prepared to unleash their most lethal sonic detonation yet: Morbid Cult! Simply titled, Morbid Cult is everything such nomenclature promises, and more. With swift ‘n’ decisive cruelty, HELLSODOMY quickly kick off the album – no frills, all kills – and from there proceed to bludgeon and batter with listener with a martial sort of battery. One could say the quartet’s attack here is enviously tight; not for nothing have they become a prolific force on the live front, playing with the esteemed likes of Dead Congregation, Destroyer 666, Necrowretch, and Bölzer during their live performances in Istanbul, as well such festivals as Metal Magic Fest 2014 in Denmark, NRW Deathfest 2015 in Germany, Törpedo Fest 2016 in Germany, and Old Grave Festival in Romania, not to mention a European tour in 2017 across such countries as Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. All that experience spills over into the flowing filth of Morbid Cult: blackened deathrash that places a premium on songwriting without sacrificing an ounce of energy.

Clear, cutting, yet crushing all the same, this is the sound of HELLSODOMY at the height of their powers – you’re fucked!


Released: 6th December, 2019

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Dimensions 12.5 × 14 × 0.7 cm